How We Operate


Each of the eight churches that are members of CREO names a Judicatory Executive (JE) and an Ecumenical Officer (EO) to represent them.



Judicatory Executives

The Judicatory Executives meet together periodically to discuss mutual concerns and ways to share ministries. They represent CREO to their church governments.


Judicatory Executives for 2016 are:


  • Rev. Jerrod Hugenot, American Baptist Churches USA

  • Bishop William Love, Episcopal Church of America

  • Rev. David Preisinger, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo, Presbyterian Church (USA)

  • Rev. Abby Norton-Levering, Reformed Church in America

  • Bishop Edward Scharfenberger, Roman Catholic Church

  • Rev. Marcia Williams, United Church of Christ

  • Rev. Richard Weihring, United Methodist Church



Ecumenical Officers

The Ecumenical Officers meet together to plan CREO’s special events, and they serve on the CREO Board.


The Ecumenical Officers for 2016 are:


  • Edith Leet, American Baptist Churches USA

  • (Currently vacant) Episcopal Church of America

  • Rev. Paul Rees-Rohrbacher, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

  • Rev. Donna Elia, Presbyterian Church (USA)

  • Ian Leet, Reformed Church in America

  • Fr. James Kane, Roman Catholic Church

  • Rev. Robert Loesch, United Church of Christ

  • George Herrick, United Methodist Church




CREO Board

The CREO Board meets five times a year (January, March, June, September, and November) and governs CREO’s operations. Besides the Ecumenical Officers, Board members include additional representatives from the eight denominations and representatives from the four member ecumenical organizations.


Members of the Board for 2016 are:


  • Ian Leet, EO, President

  • Rev. Robert Loesch, EO, Vice-President

  • (currently vacant), Secretary

  • (currently vacant), Treasurer

  • Walter Ayres

  • Donald Bunk

  • Rev. Mark Chaffin

  • Kathleen Duff

  • Rev. Donna Elia, EO

  • Peter Fish, AUMS

  • Rev. Philip Grigsby, SICM

  • George Herrick, EO

  • Fr. James Kane, EO

  • Rev. James Ketcham

  • Rev. Robert Lamar

  • Rev. Robert Linder

  • Edith Leet, EO

  • Charles Lindholm

  • Jim Netzer

  • Deb Riitano

  • Rev. Paul Rees-Rohrbacher

  • Eleanor Stanton


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