CREO brings its mission statement to life in four tangible ways: special events, face-to-face conversations, financial support, and communications.


Special Events

CREO sponsors three events each year that call attention to our unity in Christ. In 2015, the Fall event was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate, a proclamation issued by the Second Vatican Council that articulated the Roman Catholic Church’s understanding of its relationship to other religions and its desire for closer interactions with them. It ushered in a new era of interfaith dialog, understanding, and respect.

CREO’s second event is an ecumenical worship service during the Week of Christian Unity in January. It uses the theme and liturgy written by the Graymoor Ecumenical & Interreligious Institute in Garrison, NY.

CREO’s third event is an educational program held around the time of Pentecost in the late spring. In even-numbered years, the program is open to the public. In odd-numbered years, the program is organized as a retreat for CREO representatives.


Face-to-Face Conversations

CREO facilitates interaction among denominational leaders through periodic meetings of their Judicatory Executives, Ecumenical Officers, and CREO Board members. At these meetings, participants share mutual concerns, exchange information, and plan mutual activities. The meetings also strengthen personal bonds and understanding, enriching the participants’ lives and work in myriad other settings. To our knowledge, no other organization in the Capital Region consistently provides these opportunities for ecumenical interaction.


Financial Support

CREO supports ecumenical activity through donations to mission organizations, grants for new ecumenical missions, and scholarships for ecumenical education.



CREO supports the ministries of the Capital Area Council of Churches (CACC), the Schenectady Inner City Ministry (SICM), and the Troy Area United Ministries (TAUM). Support totaled $11,500 in 2015. CREO also supports the work of the Community Loan Fund, a socially concerned nonprofit that provides funding to underserved people and communities. Currently, CREO has invested $9300 in a promissory note due in 2017.



CREO offers grants of up to $1000 to groups seeking to start ongoing projects that will strengthen ecumenism in the Capital Region. For an application form, (link to web page with the application form)



CREO offers scholarships of up to $300 to individuals seeking to strengthen their involvement in ecumenical activities. The funds can be used for courses, conferences, workshops, events, and other activities that will broaden an individual’s knowledge, skills, and competencies in ecumenism. For an application form, (link to web page with the application form)



CREO uses its website, emails, and other media to provide information about ecumenical and interfaith activities, social justice issues, and opportunities for education and advocacy,


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