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Adopted September 12. 1997






Believing ourselves to be under God's direction through the Holy Spirit, we feel the need for an on-going regional, ecumenical structure as a vehicle of cooperation and coordination for and among those bodies accepting the sole lordship of Christ. We are aware of the richness of our varied religious traditions; we purpose to work together for the good of all people and to strive for reconciliation among all groups and ideologies.




The 'name of this organization previously known as Christians United in Mission shall be changed to Capital

Region Ecumenical Organization herein referred to as CREO.




CREO is an ecumenical organization of regional ecclesiastical bodies herein to be known as Judicatories and

Regional Religious Organizations. It is designed to function both independently and in cooperation with

organizations and agencies that are organized according to various principles. The purposes for which CREO

is incorporated are as follows':


1. To engage in continuing definition and promotion of the ecumenical agenda and tasks within the region

working for the visible unity of the body of Christ.


2. To collect, accept and receive money or property and to hold, manage, allocate and disburse the same in

conformity with the terms and conditions under which the same was received.


3. The corporation shall have all powers enumerated in Section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law subject to any limitations provided by any statute of the State of New York.




I. CREO shall be composed of Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations in the Capital Region of New York State which have officially declared their desire to covenant together, including a financial commitment, to fulfill the purposes of this organization.


2. Any Judicatory and Regional Religious Organization may officially withdraw from CREO after certifying such action in Writing, and after having fulfilled any financial obligations made to CREO for the current year.




CREO,as an extension of the Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations' mission in this region, will seek to perform the following functions:


1. That CREO be an agent for cooperation. planning and evaluation of ecumenical ministries;


2. That CREO develop with church Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations responses to jointly defined needs in the region;


3. That CREO act as a catalyst for social justice within and outside the Church;


4. That CREO identify and cooperate in mission common to three or more Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations. Among CREO there shall be full and mutual disclosure of monies that are being granted to agencies funded by and located within the geographic boundaries of three or more Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations;


5. That CREO promote two-way communication among the Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations and between the church community and the regional community;


6. That CREO may provide ecumenical occasions for mutual support and celebration.




1. Governing Board

2. Judicatory Executives Forum




1. The Governing Board of CREO shall be composed of up to 4 members from each Judicatory and Regional Religious Organization.


2. The Governing Board shall be responsible for electing its own officers.


3. A quorum shall consist of 40% of the membership of the Board.


4. The Governing Board shall have the following responsibilities along with other responsibilities which may be accepted at the request of member Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations:


     a) Meet at least Quarterly with the annual meeting being held at the fourth quarterly meeting.


     b) Oversee and strive to fulfill the Functions listed in Article N;


     c) Develop and approve an annual budget based upon Judicatories and Regional Religious Organizations support;


    d) provide for the convening of the judicatory executives forum;


    e) Delegate responsibilities to other parts of the structure as needed.




1. The officers of CREO shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected by the Governing Board at its annual meeting. They may serve no more than three consecutive years.


2. The President shall serve as the presiding officer of the board and shall make all appointments not otherwise provided for subject to the approval of the board.


3. The Vice President shall serve in the place of the President as occasion may require.


4. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes and records of the Governing Board.


S. The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and cause to be recorded the funds ofCREO according to the direction of the Bylaws and the Governing Board.




I. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Officers.


2.The staff of CREO may be members exofficio of the Executive Committee but without vote.


3. The Executive Committee's function will be to set the agenda for Board meetings, see to the flow of information within the organization and other duties as specified to them by the Governing Board.




1. The Judicatory Executive Forum is comprised of the senior executive or administrator as designated by each member judicatory.


2. The Judicatory Executive Forum provides a regular occasion for contact among judicatory executives to relate and discuss mutual concerns.


3. The Judicatory Executive Forum shall be convened at least quarterly at dates to be determined by its members or upon request of one of the judicatory executives.


4. Responsibility for the agenda of the meeting rests with the judicatory executives.




I. Any staff members will be employed by and are accountable to the Governing Board under such agreement as has been mutually determined.


2. Any staff shall have available to them a group to provide a support function for staff.




This Constitution may be amended at any meeting of the Governing Board by a two thirds vote of the members present, provided that written notice of such amendment shall have been provided to the Board members at least thirty days in advance of the Board meeting.




The CREO Governing Board may adopt such Bylaws as it deems proper provided they are not in conflict with the provisions of this Constitution. 

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